Astrological references in DIABOLIK
(By Henrik Hemlin)
When one contemplates the components of the film DIABOLIK, it would seem that the esoteric science of astrology can be applied to fictious characters as well as real people. Diabolik and his sensuous lover Eva fit the mold of your typical Scorpio and Taurus native, respectively. These two are opposite signs of the Zodiac, and therefore traditionally drawn to each other in a sort of complementary antagonism. Because Taurus and Scorpio have more in common than other opposite signs do, the match is even better. Let's take a look at some characteristic traits of these signs, and compare it to the movie.

Scorpio is governed by the planet Pluto, ruler of the underworld -- Diabolik lives in a subterranean cave. The name "Diabolik" itself implies an underworldly quality.
The color associated to Scorpio is black (along with deep red) -- Diabolik wears an all black suit, and drives a black Jaguar.
Scorpio has a penetrating, investigative mind, and is deeply interested in that which is hidden below the surface. This probing, x-ray quality of Scorpio gives him distinctly piercing eyes (just consider the faces of these well-known Scorpios: Pablo Picasso, Charles Manson, Vivien Leigh, Richard Burton, Hillary Clinton, Martin Balsam, et al.). Indubiously, Diabolik has that unmistakeable piercing gaze, and the black eye make-up makes his eyes even more striking.
Scorpio can choose to use his phenomenal assets for good or evil. Many of the greatest saints and worst villains in the world have been Scorpios. It is the sign of transformation, and is the only sign that has several symbols; he starts out as the angry Scorpion, spreading his venom, and is then reborn into the introspective Serpent, the soaring Eagle of Victory, and finally, the white Dove of Peace. These symbols represent the satanic, the wise, and the exalted. -- Diabolik has chosen to be a criminal, an occupation intimately associated with Scorpio.
Scorpio rules most insects -- like a spider approaching its prey, Diabolik climbs up a tower to steal the emerald necklace. In another scene, Diabolik gives the most menacing gaze in the film, as he slowly moves his spidery hand to the camera. (This shot harks back to a moment in THE WHIP AND THE BODY, where Nevenka sees Kurt's hand "like a green spider coming out of the dark").
Scorpio is a water sign, and traditionally Scorpio enjoys/excels at underwater sports. One heist in the movie takes place under water.
Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth -- in the film, Diabolik "dies" and wakes up again, as he goes through suspended animation. Scorpio is directly linked to the bird Phoenix, who, when threatened, is always ready to die and rise again in a new guise. And in the final scene, Diabolik is believed to be dead, but suddenly winks to Eva from within his suit covered in molten gold.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, giving the typical native a calm, pleasant demeanour, as well as "green fingers." This is the most "material" sign, and the native usually loves luxury and expensive things. Definitely the flowers and chocolate type, and one who enjoys a nicely-furnished home. Money and material security is very important. In the film, Eva's birthday is May 6 -- right in the middle of the sign Taurus, in fact, in the "fixed decade" of Taurus, meaning the ten days where Taurus is most herself, as Taurus is a sign of fixed quality (an astrological sign can be either cardinal, fixed, or changeable; each sign is also divided into three decades, and the most typical native of a sign is to be found in the decade matching the quality of the sign).
Eva wants Diabolik to steal an emerald necklace -- the emerald is the gemstone of Taurus.
Taurus rules the throat and neck, and Taureans are well known for their quite deep, beautiful and soothing voices (a whole lot of famous singers were born under this sign) -- these characteristics fit the voice of Eva as it appears in the film.
A Taurus can be very possessive, and the partner may be considered as a piece of property -- in the film, Eva slips Diabolik a sleeping pill, because "when you're not planning, I'm afraid you get restless. I'd rather have you sleep."
Pastel colors like pink and light blue are associated to Taurus -- unlike Diabolik, Eva wears colorful clothes, and she drives a white Jaguar instead of a black one.
Other factors of a chart may indicate differently, but in general, and speaking only of Sun sign, Taurus is the most material, down to earth sign, and the one the least concerned with occult matters and spirituality -- in the film, after Eva stops for gas, the gas station attendant asks if she wants to have a tail for good luck. Her reply: "No thanks, I'm not superstitious."

Taurus and Scorpio are the two signs most intimately associated with money. Taurus has to do with material wealth in general, and your own personal bank account. In the case of Scorpio, because it is the sign of transformation, death and rebirth, it rules inheritance and mutual resources -- that is, other people's money. This renders a pertinent symbolism to the scene where Eva and Diabolik make love in the ten million dollar ocean of thieved bank notes. And speaking of love-making, Scorpio is the most erotic sign of all, and Taurus the most sensual one.

Another occult reference is when Diabolik utters: "In this suit I could swim through the center of the sun." He does just that, when he survives the explosion that covers him with molten gold. Gold is the metal corresponding to the sun.

Finally, the motto of Scorpio is I desire. That of Taurus is I have. In the words of Eva: There must be something I haven't got.

In real life, John Phillip Law is a Virgo (7 Sep 1937). On the other hand, the numbers of John Phillip Law's birthdate reduce to 36, numerologically speaking, while the numerical value of the word "Diabolik" is 36, as well. Marisa Mell was a Pisces (Feb 24, 1939), but her Moon was in Taurus, as well as her South Node. She died from cancer to the throat (Taurus rules the throat) on May 15, 1992.

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